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22 02 2010

Every one loves to be a part of something bigger the your self. This is a big reason that people love sports so much. When there is a living room full of friends who are all cheering for your home team, or a super dome with fifty thousand screaming fans sports bring people together.

But how far is to far?
No one likes a crazy drunk guy who is trying to start a fight or is cursing at the other team when your kids are right there. When people think of ethics in sports the first thing to come to mind is the players not the fans, but ask your self, what good are the players with no fans?

I my self have been in some crazy crowds at sporting events, most of my experiences have been at soccer games.I have seen people throwing there drinks on to the field about a year ago we all used to scream “you suck ass hole” after every goal kick, with three hundred people you can here it. But sense then the timbers army have cleaned up there act. due to the whole “family friendly” idea that is part of almost all sports, and no one like’s it when there is a delay of game due to trash on the field.

To be a good fan is not to be as crazy as possible, it is to be as supportive for the team you are there for, my dad would always ask me what the number thing in life was. It is to have fun!. I know life is not always fun but you have to make the most of it while you are still on this earth.

As quoited by Og Mandino “Live this day as if it will be your last. Remember that you will only find tomorrow on the calendars of fools, Forget yesterday’s defeats and ignore the problems of tomorrow. This is it”. so think twice before you or some friends want to go vandalize a sporting event. You might as well be vandalizing a public building.

On Monday November 9th 2009 150 soccer fans fought the local law enforcement in the trains on the way to a soccer game. Trains ended up being vandalized people ended up wounded along with cops, and for what? to show how much they support there soccer team? This makes no sense at all. All these fans really did was give there home town a bad reputation, and they broke some shit on the way.

I feel that the real players in sports are the fans. Because with out them sports would just be games, and just like the team its self the city they come from represents how that area gets things dun. The rose city is known for there amazing fans. The timbers have there army, the blazers have almost the hole city backing them up. Every time for the last 4 years when the LA Lakers come to play in the rose garden we beat them due to home court advantage.

I Personally love that my home city is sports oriented. To me this shows the Portland does not take its self to serous and like’s to have fun. Ethics is sports are the back bone that every thing else can work off of and the fans are the people who make it happen.

So long story short do NOT be the person to live to regret your stupid actions at a public sporting event, and do not be the one who gives your home city a bad rep. Life is to short to have regrets, live life to its fullest and have FUN………..




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1 03 2010

I agree that there a lot more problems with unethical fans then players. Fans go crazy at sporting events. Destroying million dollar Arenas because they love there team so much. It just makes the whole lot of them look like jackasses. And I’m pretty sure the team doesn’t get excited by the whole crowd rushing the fences and breaking them down. I bet it scares the hell out if them, Thousands of fans rushing the field never worked out in the end for players or the fans. People get trampled. Sports are made to be fun and crazy people ruin it for every body else.

9 03 2010

Wonderful opening, Walter! Good writing. All in all, very well organized! Take care with editing. Links and pics and vid is not present. Need to do that (link to the story of the fight on train or even footage of the Timbers Army to give us the feeling of it). Watch “there vs their”. 70 / 100 . . . needs the links (when done, score will go up)

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