The longboarding life!

17 03 2010

Many people are not familiar with the sport or what its all about but its all about having a good time!
I persionaly love this sport. All i need is my board and a good hill. It cant get much better then that to me.
I have heard a lot of people call this the solo sport because there is no team to sign up for there is not one telling you what to do or how to do it. Every thing in this sport is up to the rider and how far they are willing to push them selfs.

Some people dont see the fun in just standing on a big skate board and going down a hill but there is a lot more to the sport then just that. There are the people that like to slide on long boards at high speeds, some people are all about the speed, some people like doing cross country races, there is a lot more to this then just standing one a board. I am a little bit of every thing, I like to slide around corners and to a stop but I am still learning. Speed is definitely a rush but it can go bad fast, really fast and falling on the cement going 30 mph or higher is a really big risk to take.




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