We love our birthdays!

17 03 2010

Have you ever been out eating with your friends and a table full of people star singing happy birthday?. I have , I also have recently found out that singing that song in public is a copyright infringement! I could hardly believe it, so i went online and its true, take a look . This whole thing is a joke to me, I mean no one can really expect to get payed every time that song is heard. Its just plane greedy

There has recently been a video called “I love my ducks” that some college kids had made to show there support for there home team.
It was a music video and the mascot was in the back ground dancing. I saw nothing wrong with this , its just a duck. But the college saw this and charged the kids with a copyright infringement.

I feel the same way about the happy birthday song as i do with this, the kids where not trying to make any money off of the duck. thats just a stupid way of thinking, it was just for fun but all of these laws are slowly taking our freedom’s away from us. things need to change in the US and happy birthday to you!




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