Title 9! :P

13 04 2010

Title nine is a law that states that all people despite there sex will be treated equally in the public school system’s, this meant that girls would have the same chances to play sports and take the same classes that the boys do. Dot Richardson was held back by the old ways of american life in the 80’s. Dot was vary sports oriented, she actuality decides as a boy as a little kid just so she could play little league baseball. Title 9 helped Dot become a Olympian along with becoming a graduate from UCLA. Title 9 has changed Dots life in many different ways and now most girls don’t even know about Title 9 and Dot is happy about that because there should not have even needed to be a law stating that girls should be treated equally.

Along with Dot  Title 9 has also helped thousands of other women, this is Shelly Ann Gallimore’s story.  Shelly Ann  is a Jamaican woman who decided to take up the opportunity  of being a free women in the USA. She soon found out about Title  9 and how women had to  fight for there rights in the USA.  She was sicked to find out that that happed, she thought that  the US was the land of the free, not knowing about all the struggles that women had to go though to be as free as the men .  She is vary grateful that the women before her made the US actuality free for all. Shelly is vary grateful  that Title 9 has given all the women equal opportunity’s to live the American dream .

Title has changed everything about Americas way of life and how others see the US as a nation.  This whole Title 9 subject  go’s to show that old habits die hard and that America is resistant to change but at the same time is able to cope with the new ways of life and new ideals.




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