Whats the difference?

2 05 2010

               As we all know for almost every major sport there is a girl’s league, but some people are not to sure about the differences between them. Let’s look at Americas favorite past time Baseball, Baseball was founded in 1876 and the first world series was in 1903. Now that’s all fine and dandy but women’s fist softball championships started in 1966. Now whets the difference you may ask? Well Softball is different in many different ways, in baseball the pitching is on a mound and they throw it over hand or some times side armed, in Softball the pitching is on flat ground and is always underhand. Also the pitcher is closer to the plate and the bases are closer together then a normal baseball field has.  These things are in place to make the game more exiting for the fans and the players. by making the ball bigger and the pitching easier to hit there is a lot more action then there would be with out these things in place.  Over all these differences make the game much more entertaining  


          Now on to the WNBA and the NBA these two sports are more alike then Softball and Baseball, in these games the roles change slightly. The mane differences are that the ball in WNBA is a little bit smaller then the standard NBA ball, the WNBA game is 8 mints shorter then a NBA game, and the three point line is at the top of the key like in high school, wile the NBA three point line is further back. All these changes are to make the game more interesting, by making the ball smaller women can handle the ball like the men other wise there hands would be to small. By making the game shorter the star players can play more of the game and make it more interesting




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