19 05 2010


Back in the day my dad got me a little 50cc Yamaha dirt bike I loved that little thing.
In 1999 I raced in Jr races, on a dark damp October night my dad and me drove to a track I have never been to before. I remember walking the track with my father talking about lines to take around corners and how to never for get the number one rule “have fun”. I can see my dad still saying that to me like it was yesterday.

As I rolled my bike to the starting gates I get butterflies and start shaking, just the pre race judders. As the gate got closer and closer and I look up at all the light’s illuminating the undercover track I notice my racing buddy Andy was in the spot directly to my right. I said “hay” he said hay back but looked like he was in the zone and talking to me was the last thing on his mind. Then it hit me these kids where serous, they all had nice gear, nice bikes, and did not mess around.

When the 30 sign went up all the could be herd was the sound of two stroke engines, all I could smell was the two stroke gas, as little clouds of smoke flew off in to the beams of light then in to the darkness. Then the 30 dropped sideways and the flag girl ran off the track. The gate dropped. I never was good at the take off but that night I got an amazing start, about thirty feet out of the gate my Andy and this girl where all neck and neck as we turned in to the first corner. As I turned the girl bumped the vary end of my bars, then my bars hit the vary end of Andy’s bars and he crashed. I felt bad but feelings are for after the race.

Half way through the first lap I noticed that this girl and me where way out in front of the pack. I was amazed I have never won a race before or even been in front of the pack, and I was at a track I have never even raced before. I navigated the first lap just fine still going back and forth with this girl I really wanted to beat because I did not want to lose to a girl. She was ahead of me on the second lap but I was not far behind.
I was pushing has hard I could to catch up but I could not gain any ground on her, but then she crashed on a left turn because her front wheel washed out around a corner.

I took advantage of her mistake and pushed even harder even though I was way out in front of every one. By the 4th lap of the 5-lap race I started to slow down to make sure I don’t crash, but I did not know how close every one really was. I got passed buy a kid with a nice KTM bike and all the nice gear and I was not about to let this little rich kid beat me, so I went all out. This kid was really hard to catch I fallowed him on his line and I was gaining fast, a little to fast he was slowing down for a big jump that was for the men at the track not the little kids.

I went flying past the KTM kid then slammed hard on the knuckle of the next jump. It was like life was in slow-motion wile I was in the air just waiting for the crash. I remember slamming my helmet on the bars and the bike on the ground with a stuck throttle as an adult picked up my bike. Then rolling off the track and gathering my self for a little wile, then with out even thinking I jumped back on my bike and slammed that kick start down as hard as I could and taking off to finish the race.

I knew I was dead last but I still tried to go fast, as I crossed the finishes line I heard the people in the stands all cheer for me. Then it hit me every one saw what happed, as I pulled in the pits up to my dad I killed the bike set it up on its stand, took my helmet off and just lade down on the ground. My dad walked over looked down at me laying on the ground and said “have fun” I said that was the best race ever but get me some water. He laughed and pulled out water from our bag as I sat up and wiped the mud off of me.

Then as we where looking at my bike to make sure every thing is fine one of the officials came up to us and told us to fallow him. I had no idea what was going on as he took us in to the announcer’s room. Then he grabbed a big trophy and handed it to me, I couldn’t believe it, I wanted to get a trophy so bad and I got one for crash of the year as he said but it really was just a extra trophy he had but It made my night. Even though I lost the race hurt me self and lost to a girl that was one of the best nights I have ever had with my father.


Whats the difference?

2 05 2010

               As we all know for almost every major sport there is a girl’s league, but some people are not to sure about the differences between them. Let’s look at Americas favorite past time Baseball, Baseball was founded in 1876 and the first world series was in 1903. Now that’s all fine and dandy but women’s fist softball championships started in 1966. Now whets the difference you may ask? Well Softball is different in many different ways, in baseball the pitching is on a mound and they throw it over hand or some times side armed, in Softball the pitching is on flat ground and is always underhand. Also the pitcher is closer to the plate and the bases are closer together then a normal baseball field has.  These things are in place to make the game more exiting for the fans and the players. by making the ball bigger and the pitching easier to hit there is a lot more action then there would be with out these things in place.  Over all these differences make the game much more entertaining  


          Now on to the WNBA and the NBA these two sports are more alike then Softball and Baseball, in these games the roles change slightly. The mane differences are that the ball in WNBA is a little bit smaller then the standard NBA ball, the WNBA game is 8 mints shorter then a NBA game, and the three point line is at the top of the key like in high school, wile the NBA three point line is further back. All these changes are to make the game more interesting, by making the ball smaller women can handle the ball like the men other wise there hands would be to small. By making the game shorter the star players can play more of the game and make it more interesting

Title 9! :P

13 04 2010

Title nine is a law that states that all people despite there sex will be treated equally in the public school system’s, this meant that girls would have the same chances to play sports and take the same classes that the boys do. Dot Richardson was held back by the old ways of american life in the 80’s. Dot was vary sports oriented, she actuality decides as a boy as a little kid just so she could play little league baseball. Title 9 helped Dot become a Olympian along with becoming a graduate from UCLA. Title 9 has changed Dots life in many different ways and now most girls don’t even know about Title 9 and Dot is happy about that because there should not have even needed to be a law stating that girls should be treated equally.

Along with Dot  Title 9 has also helped thousands of other women, this is Shelly Ann Gallimore’s story.  Shelly Ann  is a Jamaican woman who decided to take up the opportunity  of being a free women in the USA. She soon found out about Title  9 and how women had to  fight for there rights in the USA.  She was sicked to find out that that happed, she thought that  the US was the land of the free, not knowing about all the struggles that women had to go though to be as free as the men .  She is vary grateful that the women before her made the US actuality free for all. Shelly is vary grateful  that Title 9 has given all the women equal opportunity’s to live the American dream .

Title has changed everything about Americas way of life and how others see the US as a nation.  This whole Title 9 subject  go’s to show that old habits die hard and that America is resistant to change but at the same time is able to cope with the new ways of life and new ideals.

Ken block driving a ford?

17 03 2010

A lot of people know Ken block from his GYMKHANA video on youtube.

but this man is not just a show off, he is a real rally racer. Ken was in the Rally America series for a while but now feels that he is up to the WRC. but with this change he will change over to the ford team because Subaru pulled out of the chase because of financial problems. Ken being Ken feels that a factory sponsorship and ford is the only one how could provide that for him, so dont be all quick to judge him.

The WRC is world class racers and a lot of people dont think he can cut it with the big boys but I have faith in my man. I am not expecting him to win right off the bat but after a year or so the should be a real contender with the other world class rally drivers .

His new ford! It is a focus with AWD and bout 300 hp Ken blocks old car it is a subaru impreza wrx sti also with about 300 hp

The longboarding life!

17 03 2010

Many people are not familiar with the sport or what its all about but its all about having a good time!
I persionaly love this sport. All i need is my board and a good hill. It cant get much better then that to me.
I have heard a lot of people call this the solo sport because there is no team to sign up for there is not one telling you what to do or how to do it. Every thing in this sport is up to the rider and how far they are willing to push them selfs.

Some people dont see the fun in just standing on a big skate board and going down a hill but there is a lot more to the sport then just that. There are the people that like to slide on long boards at high speeds, some people are all about the speed, some people like doing cross country races, there is a lot more to this then just standing one a board. I am a little bit of every thing, I like to slide around corners and to a stop but I am still learning. Speed is definitely a rush but it can go bad fast, really fast and falling on the cement going 30 mph or higher is a really big risk to take.

We love our birthdays!

17 03 2010

Have you ever been out eating with your friends and a table full of people star singing happy birthday?. I have , I also have recently found out that singing that song in public is a copyright infringement! I could hardly believe it, so i went online and its true, take a look . This whole thing is a joke to me, I mean no one can really expect to get payed every time that song is heard. Its just plane greedy

There has recently been a video called “I love my ducks” that some college kids had made to show there support for there home team.
It was a music video and the mascot was in the back ground dancing. I saw nothing wrong with this , its just a duck. But the college saw this and charged the kids with a copyright infringement.

I feel the same way about the happy birthday song as i do with this, the kids where not trying to make any money off of the duck. thats just a stupid way of thinking, it was just for fun but all of these laws are slowly taking our freedom’s away from us. things need to change in the US and happy birthday to you!

The Media is biased watch out!

5 03 2010

People think that MSNBC or fox news is based conservative or liberal, but have you ever noticed that this trend is becoming more and more apparent in pro sports. I am taking a deeper look in to nascar and how they conduct
them self’s. I do not know for sure but i feel that these nascar guys are vary conservative. All you have to do is watch a nascar talk show to know what I am talking about. I really do not like how Conservatives think things should be dun mostly because I am vary liberal but also because I believe that the world is changing and we as people need to change with it and these old ideas of how life should work need to go. but thats just me, I always try to be un biased but that is close to impossible. But I can see it from a mile away and Nascar is defiantly one sided.

I have found a blog called Liberals Hate NASCAR and it is all about how Liberal people hate nascar due to some strange stereotypes. The web site its self if defiantly vary bias but that in its self shows that NASCAR is vary Conservative, with the way they start off there races. first there is a prayer to “GOD” as if every one there believes in the “GOD” they do, then the military jets fly over to show there patriotic spirit, just as conservatives like to do.
All of this has been vary easy for me to pick out but i do not let it get to me because I like the sport for what it is, it is a motor sport and no matter what the best driver will win. there is no discrimination no stereotypes just raw talent.

There are also no referees to get payed off to make a bad call. I believe that referees for the most part are really trying their best to be fair and to make the right call, but there have been some situations where referees are bias, most of the time it’s their home team. There is an article that talks about how referees at there home town almost always lean towards there team, you can check it out at

I find this whole bias thing to be in every thing I see or hear, but at the same time its close to impossible to be fair unless the subject is purely factual.
So next time the news or ESPN or any sort of live TV be aware that you are only able to see or hear what they want you. It’s a dirty little trick that has been going on ever sense the first news papers came off the press. It’s not all bad though some times you can read two contrasting ideas about the same topic and form your own opinion on the subject, the trick is to always read more then one persons ideas and not to believe any thing unless they or you can make sure its really true.